Moody Purple Fashion from winter step into spring // How to keep Fashionable Look in Corona virus epidemic time?

Moody Purple Fashion from winter step into spring // How to keep Fashionable Look in Corona virus epidemic time?

Find a long sleeve pinky purple truffle neck tight fit knitwear with fancy embodiery around the neck to enhance femmeity , then mix and match with a burgundy legging, and crove the shoulder with a royalty purple fantastic knitting scarf with a big sharp diamond shape button and shiny embellishments. you will look more classy immediately.

The essential item is a long sleeves blue purple knitting winter blazer from winter step into spring. It is fit for unstable temperature during this season,sometimes cold sometimes warm.

Moody purple can reflect this season changing Embassy time, it also represents the unstable situation during epidemic time. It is moody too!

Tone on Tone is an easy carry color good for matching game.

By the way , don’t forget to matching with some purple, pinky, blue necklace, accessories to shine in the city

Also a scarf is easy for hand carry, if you don’t want to wear a heavy coat but keep warm.

it’s a good item.

stay fashionable and well cover body to prevent virus.

Although Corona virus destroyed our life , but it’s the time let us to reconstruct the way we live and work?!

Did you think that one day you will stay at home, work from home, zoom this zoom that?!

Yesterday neither cleaning or cooking ,you won’t do it yourself, now you have to help yourself everyday!

Before we just treat home as hotel, sleeping only !
Now you have to stay with family at home day by day…

We don’t know what will happen in autumn and winter again?

we have still stand by!

Let s get Vaccination as soon as possible before it’s too late!

It seems the light is coming…

after get suck at home,

Now get ready with me


get ready with Carlotta Fashionasta,

are you ready?

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#Pneumonia #pneumonia

#HotintheCity #Coronavirus

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