What will be the next big new trend after epidemic?//Carlo Fashion Forecast 3

What will be the next big new trend after epidemic?//Carlo Fashion Forecast

Since epidemic occurred in global worldwide,the whole world were changed. Because we afraid that purchase from the retail shop will be inflected, therefore we changed our buying way to online purchase.

Virtual online business become our first priority. I believe that it will go further more and more…..
It should be transferred traditional business into Cyber business,
And upgrade to 5Gup to speed up the business.

Although urban city development already started long time ago,
busy City life style , chilly night life style are Very popular by people, but I feel that more more people will be changed their mind and intended to country’s life way. More people prefer go to country side to take a deep breath during epidemic Time.
It seems not just fashion but anything related to it,it also can create a good demand.

By the way, Sports become very hot activities. gym , yoga, running day by day, boys, girls, women, men,young and oldies, everyone are very interested in it.

I think that yoga , athletic, active wear will be more and more popular in the future.

You can see many many girls just wear two pieces active wear jogging, running not just in the park, sports centre , but she also walking on the urban city street . She doesn’t care about passenger look at her strangely. on the opposite,She seems Very proud of herself! "I am very active!"

Besides Chill out, signing, dancing,night life,we became more and more concern about our health even young generation. Yesterday, we still think that Victims are the supplement for elderly people only. Since epidemic,we try our best to discover anything can improve and strength our body.
Super ,Organic ,Fresh Food also become a big demand today.

"Anti bacterial" to prevent inflection are the most hot items.
mask, alcohol, cleaning products
which we don’t want to take a look. we think that those stuff are mother’s care only before.
suddenly it became the No.1 best sellers?! life is very wicked?!

AI artificial intelligence will be next biggest trend. Many dangerous industry during epidemic time such as cleaning, already done by machine in hotel lobby , shopping mall, hospital….
even in some restaurant also assisted by food delivery machine to minimise unnecessary approach between waiters and customer. some premier restaurant even provide auto sensor to scan everything,
therefore, customer just select everything by themselves then they already got what they want,
Don’t worry, their bill will be calculated by sensor automatically. It is unbelievable!

The most useful issue is applied to medical therapy , you don’t need to go to clinic hospital,but just stay at home through the lens tell the doctor your feelings and situation online . It is very important during epidemic time.

We are fashion blog. of course we will mention what changes the fashion industry?

Virtual Fashion will be hot and rave topics. Did you remember during the most dangerous time everyone have to stay at home?
You may just wear sleeping wear, or some very casual home wear,
Who will wear a glamour bing bing fashion at home? however we need to social and zoom this chat that even interview global meeting online, We still erge for a suitable fashion look. but buy a new piece fashion just for 1 shot? is it valuable? The some creator created virtual fashion , very funny and new way, you just provide your original photo look,
then select and pay which fashion image you like, then they will combine it made you fit that fashion, then you can share this new funny virtual fashion to you friends by social networking. There are many many different virtual fashion too….

To be continued………


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